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A new chief executive has taken up the reins at Leeds-based language services company thebigword, with a new role for founder and Connect Yorkshire EIR Larry Gould.

The company is also celebrating its best ever year with revenue of £77m, breaking through the $100m barrier.

With the appointment of Nihat Arkan, former chief executive Larry Gould now takes the role of chairman of thebigword group of companies.

Arkan was most recently chief executive of US-headquartered content management company 1Worldsync, and before that its predecessor SA2 Worldsync.

He has also previously held the role chief operating officer at Agentrics, the US-based international supply chain specialist.

As executive chairman, Gould will be focusing on opportunities for fund-raising, mergers and acquisitions.

He said: “Nihat has a strong background in global expansion and market development and a proven track record in guiding organizations through periods of accelerated growth.

“Nihat will be overseeing a programme of new investment in technology and talent to support the group’s growth aspirations in key areas including financial services, justice and legal services, technology, automotive and manufacturing.”

Nihat Arkan added: “I am delighted to be part of a global organisation with very sound business foundation and aspirations to become world leader leveraging our global network for strategic and business expansion.”


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