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A leading sales trainer from Harrogate and Connect Yorkshire training provider, has launched her first book to help businesses reach a ‘lightbulb moment’ in their sales process.

Sally Roberts wrote Sell More and Have Happier Customers after 30 years in sales and almost a decade in training, with an impressive track record.

She was inspired to publish a book after seeing people’s engagement with the courses she offered through her business, Fun Training For Results, and the impact they had on people’s businesses.

Sally said:

“Every company I work with takes a target and smashes it. They get more referrals, they sell more, and they achieve more growth.

“That’s not me blowing my own trumpet: it’s simply that they have that ‘lightbulb’ moment when it all falls into place. They change the way they approach sales and suddenly find they have a much higher success rate, so selling doesn’t feel like a slog any more.

“There are some brilliant businesses in our area that could be flying if they just understood how to sell effectively. This book is for real people running real businesses in the UK who want to get more results from their hard work – or even enjoy the sales process.”

Known for being relevant, straight-talking and humorous in her training, Sally has brought the same approach to her writing.

The book is split into three – and only the final part focuses on the sales process. Prior to that, Sally advises on building the right mindset to begin prospecting and ensuring that time is spent wisely to prepare for selling.

A launch event at Harrogate’s Cedar Court Hotel saw the room filled with Sally’s clients and contacts from almost 40 years in sales.

She started out in the 1980s and, over the course of her career, sold everything from TVs to radio advertising campaigns.

It was a negative experience of training in 2015 that inspired Sally to move into sharing her sales expertise.

“I enrolled on a very expensive training course – and it was terrible.

“It was all classroom-based, sitting-and-listening learning, and it was far too long – ultimately, it was dull. Everyone in that room switched off.

“I couldn’t believe people who were so bad at engaging with their audience were trying to teach sales, which is all about engaging and building connections.

“That gave me the motivation to take the leap to setting up my own business and training others to sell in a much more engaging and hands-on way. I haven’t looked back since.”

Sell More and Have Happier Customers is £14.89 and is available to buy now from Amazon