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As you know we are a not for profit organisation, equivalent to a charity, and are not permitted to use our slender funds for anything other than the purpose for which we were established, which is helping Yorkshire companies to grow and create jobs and wealth in Yorkshire. At this time, this is very difficult to do as we are all unsure what the future holds.

As from Friday the 27th of March 2020, we will be putting all of our staff on to Furlough leave and will go into ‘freeze mode’. We need to protect our team so we can still continue helping you once this is all over with. Furloughed members of staff must not work for the employer during the period of furlough leave and we are unsure how long this period will last, so we have no option other than to freeze our services.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been creating an online portal, which means we will be able to run events online (live and pre recorded) as well as in person, so our plan is to come back stronger, having added more value to your membership and partnership. We will be extending all memberships to cover the period we are closed.

Craig Batham our Ops Manager is a Deputy Chief Officer with the Special Constabulary so his services are needed with the Police force and I have been accepted as a Volunteer for the NHS delivering medication to Pharmacy’s, calling vulnerable/lonely people and anything else they can use me for. And Nick will, if allowed, continue helping Connect Yorkshire from home as a volunteer or, if not, helping the Vulnerable people in his community.


Thank you

Sophie Conboy