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Whole in My Bucket, a registered charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of adults facing terminal illnesses and life-limiting conditions, is thrilled to announce a powerful collaboration with Connect Yorkshire member The Crescent & Co CIC, aimed at creating a world of magical experiences.

Whole in My Bucket is on a mission to ensure that those with terminal illnesses have the opportunity to engage in magical experiences that fulfil their deepest desires. Whether it’s learning to DJ, mastering a musical instrument, recording their own songs, hosting unforgettable parties, or creating unique live funerals, the charity is committed to making these dreams come true. These experiences can be tailored for individuals or offered as heartwarming family experiences.

The Crescent & Co CIC has already taken a significant step by launching the Xclusive Club, a space where dreams come to life. Without any external funding, this innovative project has made a significant impact. However, to make it an even more exceptional space for the community and their families, The Crescent Family is reaching out for your support.

Your support can help make our dreams a reality by contributing to:

This collaboration is a shining example of the power of community engagement. It demonstrates the remarkable things that can happen when people come together to support a shared vision.

Your support will be transformative in creating a space where dreams come to life, where smiles are shared, and where lives are celebrated. Every contribution, whether big or small, will make a significant difference.

Join Whole in My Bucket and The Crescent & Co CIC in this extraordinary journey to bring joy and happiness to those who need it most. Your support will create a world of magic, one moment at a time.

For more information, to donate, or to get involved in this magical endeavor, please visit

For media inquiries, please contact: Paula chamberlain CEO & FOUNDER 07966659607 or Helen Thompson CEO & FOUNDER of whole in my bucket 07455029960