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Farkhanda Butt of Shire Bed Company gave an interesting talk to our members on 16/06/2022.

Fara’s Career

Fara comes from a family of 5 sisters, all of whom are highly motivated. Fara started her career as a teacher before moving to the family owned Shire Bed Company. Since she joined, the company has gone online direct to consumers, has found different markets  and developed its products, and has achieved growth.

Fara had a session with Jerry Robinson who challenged her to make Shire Bed into the Sainsbury’s of bed making.

They have cut out 25% of the business during the pandemic and made the business more resilient.

Types of Motivators:

Learning, autonomy, belonging, mastery, curiosity, meaning and love

Badges, gold stars, competition, money, fear of failure, points, fear of punishment, rewards

Fulfilling Potential
Working towards that ideal allows us to achieve our potential, feel fulfilled and achieve success

The Seven Ages of Man-segmentation of work life:

  1. 0-4 – Baby/infant
  2. 5-18 – School
  3. 18-30 – Career 1 (love)
  4. 30-40 – Career 2 (soldier)
  5. 40-70 – Career 3 (judge)
  6. 70-85 – Retire
  7. 85+ – Old Age 

Career 1

Start-up business

Career 2

Scale up-growth

Career 3 

Grow market share


It was a great session and I hope I have managed to give this blog a feel of how good it was.


Nick Butler 22/06/22