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Sally Roberts of Fun Training for Results is a Connect Yorkshire Partner and delivers very popular sales training seminars for our members. The latest one in early October 2020 was held on Zoom about selling in a recession attended by over 30 members.

The structure was a few general points to begin with, then 7 Important messages.


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill. Be honourable, positive, optimistic, knowledgeable and fun at work.

Recessions separate the weak from the strong. Gloomy people worrying about what is out of their control, which stops them seeing opportunities. Whereas ‘On it’ people think belief affects action, and you need to proactively manage your own thinking.

The Seven Action Points:

  1. Take Action Now – Lock in clients, seek referrals, your new market share is waiting for you.
  2. Focus on the Basics – Prospecting, questioning, Back to Basics, invest in learning.
  3. Begin Strong Action – Poor sales people, ‘I’m waiting for normal, nobody is buying’. Buyers need to understand your offer and be confident you can solve their problem. Look at new routes to market and possible new revenue streams.
  4. Ask Questions – Never assume. A common buyer’s complaint is that sales people don’t ask enough questions. Two great questions; ‘what is the one thing I could help you the most with’ and ‘How can we bring value to your business?’ Tell us how your working week is going.
  5. Lock in your clients – Suggest an agenda for a review. In a recession everyone else is after your clients. Lock clients in about where they are going.
  6. Accelerate Now – Owners and CEOs must rise above recessions and believe in the opportunities it throws up.
  7. One more Call – Especially on a Friday afternoon, there is no better time to make a call.


Nick Butler