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Our September 2019 Masterclass in South Yorkshire was a panel event around customer service. It was kindly hosted by Gripple at their training facility in GLIDE House, where their Founder Hugh Facey OBE formed part of our panel for the event. Along with James Biggin the MD of Steel City Marketing and Rob Shaw MD of our Partner Glu Recruit.

Value Proposition

Key to all businesses is their value proposition. It is the value proposition that attracts new business and ensures the customers receive outstanding customer service. Get your whole team together to discuss and agree on your proposition, and make sure everyone understands it and can communicate it to customers. If anyone doesn’t understand it, you will send out mixed messages to your targets and to your customers. 

Keeping customers

Listen to your customers and solve their problems and they are more likely to stay with you. Keep in touch, and ask them if they would like you to do anything differently or extra. Invest time in your customers, getting to know them, their needs and their business.

If you make a mistake react quickly to sort it out. Everyone makes them, but not everyone accepts responsibility and tries to rectify it quickly. Review what happened and analyse each step, using this to help improve.

Understand customers time scales and your ability to meet them so you set their expectations correctly. Quality of service or product is often more important than speed of delivery.

Team building

When recruiting make sure they understand your value proposition, and accept the culture and values of your company. If you make a mistake in recruiting; correct it quickly, don’t dither.

Delegate whenever you can. Can the team operate without you? Find important things to do to use the free time wisely e.g consider the strategy of the company for half a day a week.



Nick Butler