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Our May Masterclass in South Yorkshire drew both on the experience of 2 of our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) who have recruited and kept the best, namely Kevin Parkin founder of Parkin Limited (KP) and Rachel Hannan founder of The Hannan Partnership (RH), and of Louisa Harrison Walker (L), the founder and CEO of our Partner, Benchmark Recruitment, who is still very much involved in the recruitment process.

The Lessons Learnt


KP – Make a newcomer welcome from the very beginning. Get an apprentice or office junior to meet and greet them. Make sure you have their own business cards ready.

RH – Include them in social and training events before they even start. Make clear what is expected of them straight away. Give them a buddy,


KP- Have a 100 day review. Have a training plan

L – Commit the time to make sure you talk to them and train them.

RH – Don’t over promise. Make them feel wanted as a key member of staff

Reasons People Leave

Lack of faith in the leadership. Feeling undervalued.

KP – Get to know your employees. Be a caring employer. Make sure you communicate regularly and effectively. Do what you have said you will do and when you have said you will do it.

RH – Write everyone a birthday card with a personal message. Give everyone a chance to provide feedback

L – Flexibility is important these days.


As our EIR Neil Ewin made famous at his Masterclass last year Shoot the Ducks