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Not only does a good salesperson increase a company’s income but he/she increases the whole company’s morale as well-or at least the CEO’s morale! Is it possible to keep the spirits up and enthusiasm amongst your team if it is not growing? Possible but very difficult. So I thought a few stray thoughts on salespeople might help our members.

How to recruit them

A nightmare. I think you’ll be lucky if you get it right 50% of the time. For sure in this day and age you need to be highly active in the digital field, but there is no substitute for good sales people. People like buying from people and want to understand from a person what it is that they are buying. Which is just what our new sales person Natalie Ball.  Natalie has recruited 7 new members in her first month, and I am confident she will recruit more.

How to treat them

I expect academics have written “weighty tomes” on this subject so I put my toe in the water with humility, but some practical experience. Is it possible to be a decent, modest and unassuming type at the same time as highly successful. Perhaps some psychometric testing  during the interview process as in theory it can tell you more about a person’s character than 2 or 3 interviews. Can they be team players?

Many sales people go on to leading positions in companies, and even to become CEOs. The cherry on the cake in small growing companies that want eventually to sell are share options. For no upfront cost,  you get the right to buy shares in the company usually only exercisable on a sale. And on a sale you normally can get a reduction on the capital gains tax through the entrepreneurs relief at the rate of 10% of the gain. For more contact our Accountancy Partner Garbutt & Elliott


Recruiting and keeping good sales people is the most difficult job most entrepreneurs have to do. By definition most owners of businesses are sales people at heart otherwise they wouldn’t have started their own business. So they are highly critical of sales people making their job all the harder.