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We now run quarterly Sales Training days for our members which are delivered by durhamlane the latest being this week on Wednesday 3rd May. They are very popular with 40-50 attendees each session which is not surprising as sales are the lifeblood of every company. The subject in the morning was the Use of Social Media in the Selling Process. As I am useless at social media I attended and this blog is aimed at telling you a little bit about it. You will have to excuse my ignorance of social media. I have highlighted the headings to help you identify what interests you most

Selling at a Higher Level

Luke Robinson from durhamlane split the selling process into 5 sections, Find/Create, Define & Understand, Propose & Present, Close, Serve & Grow. Where does social media come into each part of the process.

Content is All Important

Your content must interest and excite the Buyer otherwise they will just ignore you. This was emphasised time and again

Use Social Media to push your content out such as

Events-he said Connect Yorkshire are brilliant at this-that’s Sophie of course

Product/Service launches-preferably with pictures and/or videos

Announcements about your Business-new Directors/employees, contract wins

Published Research

Use Social Media to pull your audience

Ask questions of your audience and then engage with the answers

Engage in online conversations

Encourage potential customers to visit your website

Post pics/videos that represent your culture

AIDA-not the opera!

Awareness-meet other business owners at a free event

Interest-Yorkshire’s most successful entrepreneurs giving free time to help you

Desire-what compelling events do we run

Action-attend a free event


Send personalised messages, Use “like” sparingly. Post content that appeals to your target audience. Get a professional to do your picture. Participate in selected groups, seek introductions carefully. The trainer says he is on LinkedIn for 2 hrs a day


Nobody said they used it for business.


Good for news stories


Good if you can get an important person on your page.


Apply the one-thirds rule. 1/3rd promotes your business, 1/3rd shares ideas and 1/3rd has original brand content.

Luke asked us to -discuss what’s the potential to use more social media in your business.

                           – list all possible social media options in your sales process

                           – set out your proposed actions in 30 days, 60 days and 90 days

Define & Understand

This is the second step in the Selling at a Higher Level-see above for the 5 steps
A good question to ask your target is what is your biggest business challenge. You need to tell them the reason to change.