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Last night we had our social at The Place, Building 6, Welington Place, Whitehall Road, Leeds LS1 4AP and a great success it was. It was sponsored by Brown Shipley and a big thank you to Phil Harris of Brown Shipley for that.

Why did we do it

Well Sophie fancied having a social for our members and a few guests and why not. In previous years we have tried to fill the long summer break with a social but they were generally fell flat with not enough people. But not this time – watch out Yorkshire Mafia!

We did it so our members would have a Connect Yorkshire “event” during the school holidays – and so they wouldn’t forget us.

Did they Enjoy it

The best definition I can find of a Social Event is from Wikipedia “This category includes planned events which involve large groups of people, generally arranged and advertised by an organisation.” Yes we organised it.

Unless you are a shy retiring type – and we organised structured networking last week if you are – see my blog last week about that here then it was great fun. With a free drink on Brown Shipley to kick off with, how could it go wrong.

What made it work

As ever with a Connect Yorkshire event, the vast majority of people there were business owners – and generally business owners are outward going, happy to circulate amongst people they don’t know.