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Not wanting our members to feel we were ignoring them throughout the school holidays, we came up with the idea of trying a networking event in August. We are also conscious of the fact that not all our members find it easy to walk into a room full of people they don’t know and start chatting to them so hopefully “compulsory” networking might help them. Connect Yorkshire is a learning group not a networking group so it was with some foreboding we ventured into networking this week

The Format

We decided to do speed networking. We had 26 attendees sat opposite each other. Each member had 90 seconds so every 3 minutes they moved to the left. It took about an hour and a half for each member to get round the other 25 attendees. We had a break half-way through-and of course bacon butties etc to kick off with.

Did it Work

We surveyed the attendees the day after the event; of the 13 replies, 9 said great, 4 said good-no-one replied poor or bad

Did you make any useful contacts Yes-6;  Maybe 2;

If so how many useful contacts-the replies were 4, 3 ,2-3 , 5 and too early to say.

Would you attend another speed networking event-100% said yes and in reply to how often about 50% quarterly and 50% every 6 months.


A few suggestions but most saying it was good so why change it

No more than 26. 20 would be better. Have another (second) break. Seats closer together as it was quite noisy.


We will probably do another one in the school holidays in December when we don’t have Masterclasses or generally Partner’s Training Seminars

Nick Butler