Paul Forde – Cloud Recruiting Software – July 2019

As a recruiter of high volume workers, predominately into the industrial and logistics sector for over 30 years, we have spent the past 3 years developing our own bespoke software solution to attract, register and manage workers in a much more efficient manner. Having proof of concept for the past 3 years for our own internal use has spurred us on to where we want to take this software to market as its primary USP is something we believe has great potential.

How to take it to market ! I was delighted that Connect Yorkshire put me in touch with Neil Ewin.

Neil instantly understood what we are trying to achieve and the challenges we would face. He was so helpful with his advice, not only on how to start the process of taking a new product to market but also suggesting new opportunities and tweaks we should make to our software to enhance its functionality. Neil was an ideal person to meet with his IT software background and I can’t thank him enough for sharing nearly three hours of his valuable time.

Martin Hamilton – Leeds Civic Trust – July 2019

Leeds Civic Trust has been in the process of developing a five year vision, a strategic statement to guide our activities in the coming years.  Through Connect Yorkshire we sought the input of Gerald Jennings as a mentor.  Gerald provided great clarity of thought as a member of a working group we assembled but also through one-to-one input.  His invaluable input has undoubtedly led to a vison that is crisp, to the point but comprehensive, and will provide us with a sound basis for our detailed business planning activity.

Ellie MacDonald – MacComms – July 2019

Chris Henry is an incredible businessman. Clearly, very successful, yet he was so humble and kind and offered me some great practical advice and support. I have made a great contact in Chris and I’m excited to implement his knowledge into my business and I feel very grateful to him and Connect Yorkshire for the opportunity.

Achille Traore – Top Screen Media – July 2019

Meeting Peter Wilkinson was a breath of fresh air. He has so much experience and success and yet so humble and down to earth. During our meeting Peter shared his thoughts around scaling a technology business and the importance of growing in a sustainable way. A very valuable session, thanks for your time Peter it was much appreciated.

Sarah Blenkinsop – Golden Frog PR – June 2019

It was amazing to meet Jonathan Sands OBE. He’s somewhat of a professional hero of mine, and it was so kind of him to give me his time. We discussed all sorts, and he definitely gave me food for thought as to how I can position my business. Since the meeting he has linked me with another of his contacts who has worked in our industry, and we are looking forward to meeting up. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet Jonathan without having joined Connect Yorkshire – becoming part of the organisation has been a really good business move for me, and I can’t wait to continue my journey.

Paul Kenny – Aquatrust Water & Ventilation – June 2019

Just to say thanks for being able to set this one to one up with Rana. Out of all the entrepreneur’s I’ve met whilst we’ve been members, this mentoring session has been the most inspiring!

Steve Knowles – Vector Network – June 2019

Our two hours with Richard Doyle** progressed rapidly, from briefing him on how we saw the challenges facing us, to a wide-ranging discussion to determine which product and market strategies could take us into a new phase of growth. This was just what we needed at this time, and we’re so committed to following through on his insightful recommendations that we asked to meet up again in six months to give Richard a report.

Dan Broadbent – Objective Creative – May 2019

Our mentoring session with Julian Kynaston was most beneficial. Julian was both supportive and challenging, providing a fresh perspective on our plans to further develop the business. Following our session, we have already started the process of implementing the strategy discussed in our meeting.

Phil Brown – Absolute Commercial Interiors – May 2019

My one to one session with Gerald Jennings was very informative and uplifting. Gerald provided some salient business improvement ideas, which we will discuss at Board level. On the whole, this is a fantastic benefit that comes from being a member of Connect Yorkshire.

Sally Roberts – Fun Training For Results – April 2019

Meeting Janette Benaddi was inspiring. Really it was!

Ahead of our meeting I had read her bio and noted some immense achievements both in business and in life. In person she is inspiring and oh, so very normal. A smile, a warm welcome and great listening skills. She shared her experience and knowledge freely and was keen to help me with my business. Sharing my business challenges with her was easy and Janette’s reassurance, guidance and belief was inspiring.

Since our 121, watching Janette present at a Negotiation Workshop was amazing. She understands that the whole process begins and ends with people, that relationships matter. My recent request for some feedback on a document was met with a speedy, honest response.

I am delighted that Janette Benaddi is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Connect Yorkshire – and my mentor!