Clair Challenor-Chadwick – Cause UK

Thank you for connecting me with David Smalley, he provided sound mentoring advice for my growing business and helped me to reconfirm my thinking and next steps.  I very much look forward to working with him over the coming months.

Phil Harper – Tribosonics Ltd

The mentoring session with Alan Aubrey was really helpful. Our mentor brought a huge amount of experience to the table and insightfully applied it to a range of challenges that we faced as a business in trying to scale the growth of the company. Several of his recommendations are already starting to have a profound impact on our business Tribosonics Ltd. Definitely one of the best benefits of our membership of Connect Yorkshire.

Alison Woodcock – MED-EL UK Ltd

Rachel Kay was extremely supportive and we covered a wide variety of topics. I came away with lots of ideas, books to read and websites to review. I was made to feel very welcome and it was great to have a look round and meet the rest of the team. It’s given me lots to think about and work on going forward and I am hoping to go back for another visit soon.

Matthew Williams – Quba

I spent a couple of very enlightening hours with Judith Donovan. She certainly lived up to her reputation and we explored a number of areas of the business and discussed approaches and ideas that will definitely improve how I run Quba.

John Horton – Fresh Thinking Solutions Ltd

The meeting with Rachel was excellent. It was really beneficial for us to hear Rachel’s objective thoughts on the Fresh Thinking proposition and the direction we are looking to take the business in. We came away with a lot of valuable thoughts and ideas from Rachel which I’m sure will help us in the months to come. So all in all, time very well spent and we are extremely grateful to Rachel for giving us 3 hours of her time, which I’m sure is in quite short supply!

Paula Chamberlain – The Crescent

I had my 1 to 1 mentoring session with Jonathan Straight in April 2018.The session was a great success. The session was filled with lots of knowledge and advice from Jonathan, which was all really useful and helpful. We spoke about a variety of business issues and also about The Crescents new premises and Jonathan’s photography work (which is super cool). Jonathan also offered to be a sounding board for me in the future which I will definitely take up. A massive thanks to Jonathan and the CY team.

Hayley Foster – Anya Dahl Interior Design

Joining Connect Yorkshire has been a fantastic way to network, learn and tap into the knowledge of entrepreneurs with a proven track record for business success. I have benefited from an invaluable springboard mentoring session with Jonathan Straight. Jonathan was very generous with his time, highly engaging and his questions,  observations and thought leadership have really helped broaden my thinking on how to grow and market my interior design business.  The insightful discussion has given me pragmatic ideas that I am already putting into action. Thank you Jonathan!

Luke Appleby – Equilibrium Risk

As part of my Connect Yorkshire membership, I had a free mentoring session from one their ‘Entrepreneurs in Residence’, Vincent Ford. I found the session extremely useful as Vincent willingly shared his experience and business insight. His approach was relaxed but engaged, asking me challenging questions. He gave me real food for thought and his pragmatic advice has left me a list of things I need to do. Overall, it was a really useful sessions, leaving me with a real desire to get on and get things done. Thank you Vincent.

Graham Moore – Katchr

I met with Martin on 1st February this year. Martin was very generous with his time and very hospitable. We had an interesting exchange of ideas and I learned some useful tips from Martin’s very different approach to his businesses. As always, a worthwhile session and one of the key reasons I am a member of Connect Yorkshire.

Rich Smith – Bluesmith Information Systems

I recently visited John McArthur at the Tracsis offices in Leeds for a springboard mentoring session. I found the session extremely useful, the opportunity to discuss a range of topics with someone who’s had similar experiences was immensely valuable. John’s pragmatic advice and challenging questions have given me plenty of food for thought. To top it off, he’s a really nice guy who was both engaging and interested, which made it a positive experience from our initial phone call right through the afternoon’s mentoring session.  Thanks to John for his time and Connect Yorkshire for facilitating.