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We ran a Masterclass last week on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, and called on the help of one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence and two of our members to explain it all to us. Artificial Intelligence can sometimes be the world of dreams, and yet the use of technology in a business is paramount to how the business grows and adapts to suit current markets.  

The Background

Neil Ewin created the Visualfile software and is a former techie, grown into a very successful business person, Jonathan Marsden is co-founder and CEO of The Technology Group and Simeon Banks is the Group Technology Solutions Manager for the Pure Technology Group. So a very distinguished and knowledgeable panel.

The Technology

Artificial Intelligence started in 1956 when software first produced multiple minute variations which appear as live movements. There have been major advancements in the last 10 years so that computers can debate and have conversations. One example was when a computer beat the World Chess Champion. The computer learnt all the possible correct answers and used this in order to predict and carry out each move.

But someone had to teach it what to learn. And this will always be the case.

The Future

Do you want a machine making decisions or do we still want to make the decisions? That is the question which is always linked to Artificial Intelligence.

Future advances are inevitable, but humans need to talk to each other, so removing humans from business is not going to happen just yet.


Nick Butler