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Sally Roberts is unique, you can’t say that about many people. So why do I say that? Because her training sessions are fun and hugely useful (see her company Fun Training for Results). Sally got everyone (about 40 of our members) involved either by asking them to read out her slides, answer her questions, like how many hours do you sleep, solving issues or promising to be trees!

The Plan

  1. Before you finish work every day (or go to sleep!), plan your 6 most important tasks for tomorrow. Plan everything in advance. 
  2. Sleep is all important
  3. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything – identify the tasks bringing the most value
  4. Consider the consequences
  5. Separate tasks using the ABCDE method
  6. Create time chunks – for example dont turn on/look at your emails until you’ve done your most important tasks.
  7. Avoid other people’s ‘monkeys’ – never say “ok leave it with me”.

Clear priorities in a business are key. What is the operational priority of your business? A company should do a Master Plan then break it down, and down and down…

See the Ivy Lee method:

“Assign yourself no more than six important tasks per day, list them from most important to least important, and then work on and complete each one in that order. Do not begin the next task until you have fully completed the one before it”.


Nick Butler