Adam Beaumont

Adam started his career as a Lecturer in Thermodynamics (the study of the interchange of heat and energy). He was appointed by an agency of the MOD to design and build secure internet infrastructures. Following this he founded aql in 1999 as a domain name registrar and email and web hosting company. By mid 2000, aql was listed in the top 3% of registries (sales by volume of .uk domain names, source – Nominet UK annual statistics 2000-03) which enabled the company to invest heavily into telecoms infrastructure expansion, entering the mobile messaging market in 1999, with direct connections to the UK mobile network providers. Further expansion into wholesale telecommunications in 2003 allowed aql to create a full telecommunications network capable of supplying UK telephone numbering to the broadband industry to fulfill the growing demand for broadband voice “VoIP/IP Telephony” services. aql now hosts close to 90 Million telephone numbers for the UK IP telephony industry, one of the largest wholesale operators in the UK. Adam is regarded as one of the UK’s authorities in datacentre security and datacentre efficiency. He has a holistic knowledge of communications, spanning many verticals.