Ajaz Ahmed

Ajaz Ahmed is an entrepreneur who founded Freeserve, the UK’s first Billion-Pound internet company. His eureka moment for Freeserve came when nobody in PC World, where he worked, could tell him how to get onto the internet. Freeserve was sold to France Telecom for £1.65bn in 2001, three years after its launch in 1998. You can read the whole amazing Freeserve story “Making money by giving it away” on his website – sosavvy.co.uk

The Queen awarded him with a ‘British Empire Medal’ BEM in her Birthday Honours list. Currently working with these businesses; Quba, University of Huddersfield, LCF Law, he also writes a column for Retail Week. His Interests include Internet, retail, design, copywriting, business advisor, business speaker, and coming up with new ideas.