Connect Yorkshire Membership


Why should I join Connect Yorkshire?

Connect Yorkshire is a unique not-for-profit membership group for ambitious entrepreneurs who are building successful businesses. Our members learn from many of Yorkshire’s most successful business people: our 'Entrepreneurs in Residence' (EIRs) who have been there and done it!. Our EIRs give time and considerable expertise for free to support growing businesses and to help them create jobs and wealth in Yorkshire.

The benefits of Tier 1 membership are:
Tier 1:

● Masterclasses
Our monthly Masterclasses are delivered by our Entrepreneurs in Residence and help you grow your business. They cover subjects that are highly relevant to your business such as Establishing and Growing a Sales Team, Your Company is Your People (recruiting, motivating and ending), the Process of Business Planning, Marketing your Products or Services and many more.

● 1 to 1 Mentoring
This fantastic benefit entitles you to meet one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence for a couple of hours to discuss your major business issues. You may have two or three strategic issues in your business which you are trying to overcome and you may wish to use the experience of our Entrepreneurs in Residence who have been there and done it and hear their outside perspective.

● Marketing and Social Media 
Members can send us any of their​ press releases​ or ​news stories ​and ​we will then feature ​them​ on the news section of our website and push the content out through our social media channels.

● Networking
In addition to being around like minded business owners and successful Entrepreneurs at our monthly Masterclasses, every 6 months we run a Speed Networking event enabling members to meet other members in a structured format.

● Sales Training
Sales is the lifeblood of every business, so join these quarterly training sessions to improve your commercial skills and accelerate revenue growth in a sustainable way. It’s free to attend for members.

● Access to Funding
We offer an introduction service to the appropriate EIRs who are looking to invest in certain types of growth businesses who require funding.

● Training Seminars
Our seminars are delivered by our Partners and are designed to put you in front of industry specific experts to provide help and training to improve a specific part of your business. These seminars cover subjects such as Cyber Security, Business Valuations, Intellectual Property etc.

● Growing the Yorkshire Economy
Contributing to growing the Yorkshire economy, creating jobs and wealth in Yorkshire

Benefits inclusive of Tier 2 membership are:
All Tier 1 benefits plus:

● Business Directory
On our searchable business & industry directory, you can promote your company and its full range of products and services to the people that matter. We will structure the listing for you to include up to 300 words of text, awards, forthcoming events and accreditations etc, as well as a live link straight through to your website! As well as our network, the directory is also viewable by the public.

Benefits inclusive of Tier 3 membership are:
All Tier 2 benefits plus:

● Peer to Peer 
Why pay theoretical business advisors when you can ask your fellow business owners advice? The idea of this peer to peer learning (‘P2P’) is that a small group of similar sized, non-competing businesses discuss their problems in confidence. They meet every month.

● Connect Leaders Forum (additional annual charge of £450 + VAT)
Why pay theoretical business advisors when you can ask your fellow business owners advice? - The idea of peer to peer learning (‘Connect Leaders Forum’) is that a small group of similar sized, non-competing businesses discuss their problems in confidence. The typical turnover of the members is £1m+. They meet every other month (6 times a year) and this group is chaired by one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence, adding even more value and advice.

Tier 1 (Inc. VAT) - Masterclasses, Sales Training, Marketing, Partner Workshops, Mentoring


Tier 2 (Inc. VAT) - All of Tier 1 + Business Directory


Tier 3 (inc. VAT) All of Tier 2 plus Peer to Peer


If you require any more information please contact us using the details below-

Brad Cahill
Membership Partner | Connect Yorkshire.
T: 07984 327 815