Case Studies

The Company: Aquatrust Water & Ventilation Ltd

The Issues: Growth versus technology

EIR: Rana Harvey

Mentoring advice given:

I met with Rana in 2019 and discussed the pains of growing Aquatrust. We discussed the “Arrow of growth” she recently roled out during a Connect Yorkshire seminar.

What was the best piece of advice you were given?:

Invest in systems & technology rather than taking on more and more staff.

What did you do when you returned back to your business?:

Improvements were made to our database which resulted in a direct impact on employee numbers. We now require only the same amount of people to turnover an additional £400k as compared to previous years

What changes have you made since the mentoring session?:

What have been the benefits to your business of this mentoring session?

What growth has the business seen?:

100% net profit growth


December 2020