Graham Royle

Graham’s early career successes were in the corporate world, where he was headhunted several times in his 20’s and 30’s, and travelled globally gaining practical, commercial, financial, technical and manufacturing expertise. During this time Graham headed up a number of businesses and was also involved in several acquisitions, which now total >35 deals career-to-date.

In 2001 Graham created and developed his own group of businesses, GRI Group, by a combination of acquisitions, start-ups and organic growth.

GRI Group’s current portfolio of associated trading businesses are involved in:

  1. Development, manufacture and global distribution of chemical intermediates for personal care, household care, pharmaceutical and many industrial applications.
  2. Design, development, formulation, manufacturing and contract packing of Personal Care products.
  3. Brand management and marketing of Personal Care, Toiletries & Cosmetics products.

GRI Group has also successfully disposed of three of its investments, two in award winning deals to overseas multinationals – Hallam Beauty in 2010 and TensaChem in 2014 – and one to its management team, Matrix Chemie in 2018.

GRI Group presently has 3 highly successful associated trading companies, Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd, Expac (Preston) Ltd and I Love Cosmetics Ltd, and is actively working on additional acquisition investments.

The combined turnover of GRI Group’s past and present trading businesses reached some £245 million p.a. and in 2021 GRI Group celebrated its 20th birthday, highlighting its total 20 years of sales at £1.751 billion.