Jamie Bentley

Jamie Bentley, now CEO of Stephenson Group, joined the family business in 1997 who at that time were a supplier of specialty chemicals for the Rubber, Textile and Paper Recycling businesses. His role was to build a business within the group supplying the personal care industry with raw materials and ingredients.

The Paper and Rubber businesses have since been sold and they now concentrate their expertise on the personal care sector.

From their Leeds based research and manufacturing facility they embrace world-class products for the personal care industry which accumulates to more than 85 % of the business and one of their key objectives includes developing more complex ingredients based around their chemistry skills such as esters made from fair trade and sustainable oils.

Twice winners of the Queens Award for Enterprise International Trade (2000 and 2007) they continue to grow based on good chemistry, flexible manufacturing and innovative products with a large percentage of the company’s turnover reinvested in chemical research, logistics, business communications and environmental initiatives.

For the last 6 years the focus has been on keeping turnover above £20m while disposing of 2 businesses which has only been possible by growing the personal care business to £16m and growing group sales to £22m with approximately 80% export.