Janette Benaddi

Janette Benaddi was born in Leeds Yorkshire. After leaving school at the age of 16 without many formal qualifications Janette went straight to work as a receptionist in a local doctors surgery, it was there she decided she wanted to be a nurse so whilst working full time she reentered education to gain the qualifications she needed and was then able to train at York District Hospital and qualified as a Registered nurse in 1988.

She worked as a nurse for some years before moving into teaching and then counselling and subsequently the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries in sales and marketing roles. She progressed very quickly to senior positions in global organisations and FTSE 100 companies. After a successful career in sales and marketing and regulatory roles Janette moved to Paris and became an Associate at a respected French consulting group and was instrumental in increasing the sales of the business by 70% in one year.

When Janette came back to the UK she set up her first company a Clinical Research Organisation and consultancy offering services to the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Five years later she set up a training company and a recruitment company as part of the group. All three companies she grew and retained full ownership of until she successfully sold the companies with the aim of retirement. She spent two years on integration of the businesses and then instead of retiring set off to row across the Atlantic ocean as the Skipper of “Yorkshire Rows “gaining a Guinness world record in the process. Together with 3 other women rowers and team members she raised over £100,000 for two charities in Yorkshire. The adventure which attracted worldwide media attention has inspired thousands to go out and have adventures and fulfil their dreams.

Janette is co-author of the Sunday Times bestselling book “Four mums in a boat” and is currently writing a book about her business adventures. She is passionate about helping SMEs to flourish and grow as well as enjoying her work with several companies as Non-Executive Director.

Still not feeling quite ready to fully retire! Janette also runs a successful property business with her husband and has recently set up another business with one of her fellow ocean rowers to provide a platform for sharing inspirational stories, offering leadership training and workshops as well as life coaching and business mentoring.

Janette is still regarded as one of the UKs authorities on medical device regulations and clinical trials. She is involved in several international committees in the industry and has spent many years on various projects to enhance the medical technology landscape, improving science, regulation and ethics in clinical trials. She is an author on clinical research matters and still travels the globe as a regular industry speaker.

Her story is compelling going from a young 16 year old with no qualifications to a successful serial entrepreneur with a long list of qualifications, a Guinness world record holder and more recently receiving a honorary doctorate in Health Sciences from Yorks St John University.