Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes is the former CEO of Hesco Bastion, which is one of Leeds’ most famous companies. It was founded in 1991 by Jimi Heselden OBE and it’s main product is a family of multi-section gabion barrier systems which were extensively used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The change of mission in both Iraq and Afghanistan saw turnover drop from £120m to £23m in a matter of weeks so that a drastic rationalisation plan was implemented by Michael and his team to maintain the viability of the business. Subsequently through diversification into new markets turnover was increased to £70m prior to it’s sale to an equity backed complimentary business.

Michael has a track record of undertaking strategic assessments in multiple different sectors and sizes of businesses. Often this has involved managing the execution of these in difficult trading or structural situations often in environments where management are sceptical or obstructive. He was previously a partner in a top accountancy firm specialising in corporate finance with extensive experience particularly on buy side transactions.